Friday, December 3, 2010

You Can Do Anything.....but DON'T WASTE MY TIME!

For some reason the title of this blog keeps playing through my mind to the tune of Blue Suede Shoes. Try it. The rhythm is all messed up but you get the idea.

I had an appointment with the gastroenterologist today. More on that in a minute. As I was leaving they handed me orders to go to Lab Corp to have some bloodwork done. I thought maybe I'd try to go have the blood drawn quickly before heading home so that I wouldn't have to miss more work.

Thanks to the GPS on my Droid, I was able to find a Lab Corp close by. I arrived at 4:45 and their closing time was 5:00. The receptionist looked at my paperwork and the conversation went like this:
Her: Have you fasted?
Me: No, I didn't know I was supposed to.
Her: Well one of these tests is a glucose test, you're supposed to fast. (Yet she's still holding on to my paper.)
Me: Ok, well I didn't fast, nobody at the doctor's office told me I should fast. (She's still holding my paper.)
Her: (just looking at me)
Me: Do you HAVE to fast for this test or is it optional?
Her: Well, if you have the test and your glucose level is too high, you might have to come back and have it again. (Still holding my paper.)
Me: I just had a handful of M&M's in the car.
Her: (still just looking at me)
Me: I'm quite sure that my blood sugar would be high if I had that test right now. I'll come back another day. Could I please have my paper back?
Her: Oh, ok.

You may think that this is how my time was wasted today. Not so. There's more. It occurred to me that it just didn't really make much sense for a gastroenterologist to request a glucose test. So I looked at my sheet. The test the receptionist was concerned about was called a GGT. I looked it up on my trusty Droid browser. A GGT is a LIVER FUNCTION TEST!!! Come on, know your stuff! *sigh* I checked the time...5:03. Welp, so much for that.

I HATE wasting time. I'm using the word hate here. I hardly ever use that word. There are just so many truly important things to do. I make schedules and lists and agendas and lesson plans and iteneraries so that I don't waste other peoples' time. I am the organizer. I fit in what couldn't possibly fit in. I get things done! *sigh*

And then I got stuck on 440 in 5:00 traffic. Don't get me started on traffic. Sitting in traffic is at the top of my list of the worst time wasters and yet I experience it at least twice per day. It takes me way too long to get to and from work because of the traffic. It's so stressful on so many different levels.


The gastroenterologist is leaning towards the possibility of me having an ulcer. Me? Stressed?

Here are the four possibilities he's theorizing at this point:
1. Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (but since it's so rare, he's doubting that one)
2. A small gallstone stuck in the bile duct. (Ultrasounds pick up gallstones that measure 5mm or greater. When I had a gallbladder/liver ultrasound no stones were seen. A stone as small as 2mm could cause a problem though. can still have gallstones after having your gallbladder removed. They can be made in your liver and then pushed through your bile ducts when you eat and bile is released.)
3. Intestinal Spasms (This is something similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome - in fact he gave me meds to try because this would be the easiest to treat if that's what it is.)                          
4. An Ulcer

He also says I look anemic. That's no shocker though. I've had trouble with that ever since my first pregnancy.

So I'm having an endoscopy next Friday to check out my stomach for ulcers, strictures, a band slip, or any other kind of possible abnormality.

Yay, more bills from Rex. Another missed day of work. I'm so excited. But then least I get to take a big fat nap next Friday.