Sunday, March 17, 2013


In the car on the way home from church today....

LAUREN: Mom, where do we go after we go to heaven?

ME: We stay in heaven forever and ever.

LAUREN: But if you go to heaven to die, then where do you go next?

ME: No, we actually die here on earth. Then we go to heaven.

LAUREN: I want to take my skin with me to heaven.

ME: (We've had this part of the conversation several times now.) I know it sounds weird, but we leave these bodies here and then God gives us a new body in heaven.

LAUREN: Why does he give us a new one when we already have one?

ME: Because the new bodies are better than these. The new body can't get sick. And the new body can't get hurt.

LAUREN: Oh, and the new body can't get killed?

ME: That's right...the new body can't get killed either.

LAUREN: So...there are no germs in heaven?

ME: Nope!

EVAN: There are no germs in heaven? I WANT TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW!! I'm ready to die. I want to die and go to heaven where there are no germs!

LAUREN: Me too!

ME: Well...I'm ready too...BUT...God has more jobs for us to do on the earth before he takes us to heaven.

EVAN: Until we're older.

ME: Yes, we stay on earth until we finish all of the jobs God has for us to do.

EVAN: I Probably need to clean my room then.