Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Recently I was unfriended on facebook by someone I considered to be a good friend. There was no confrontation, no explanation, and as far as I know, no real reason to do so. "Big deal!" you say. Big deal, my foot! Regardless of the fact that I am a full fledged grown-up, it still hurt my feelings! I know it's just facebook, and I realize that this person may even think that I would never notice. Well, I noticed. "Maybe it was on accident!" you say. No, only if this person accidentally unfriended my husband as well. Not likely.

Even if it was not a direct attack, it was an insult in my general direction. So to make myself feel better, here are a few reasons I have come up with to rationalize why this person may have decided to unfriend me:

1. I chew a lot of ice. Loudly.
2. Sometimes I still watch reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter.
3. I secretly have mad krumping skillz.
4. My mom car is just too sexy.
5. I'm uncannily good at 80's trivia.
6. Nearly every room in my house somehow incorporates an element from Star Wars.
7. I find that most meats are really just a vehicle for Frank's hot sauce.
8. Any four pair of shoes in my closet, added together, are valued at less than $100.
9. My passion for saving orb spiders may be just a bit too weird.
10. I just look too darned much like Monica Lewinsky.

So, I guess I understand. Some of these offenses are pretty rough. But I hope one day this person sees through the outer me and forgives whatever I may have done - or appeared to have done. And I really hope this person knows that I still love them.

On a side note, I am exceptionally grateful that facebook did not exist when I was a teenager. Because if so, I would still be paying for the therapy bills.




Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are Dumb People Happier?

I once dated someone who proclaimed on a regular basis that dumb people certainly must be happier. "Happier than...?" I would typically ask. The answer was a monologue on how someone with any sort of intelligent mind must not be able to reach true peace and happiness considering the knowledge of all the world's evils and complications and their resulting consequences.

Aside from the obvious and unkind stereotype, I have to admit that it does make sense. Can't you just vizualize bearded scholars sitting around tables in darkened library corners anguishing over the world's perils? (Oops, more stereotypes! Sorry!)

But of course, that young man was oh, so wrong!!

True happiness comes from faith in God and the knowledge that what we experience on earth is simply that...earthly. We define good and evil, happiness and sadness, poor and rich and every other set of opposites through our experiences here on earth. Our definitions even vary from person to person. We compare our lives in terms of earthly birth and death and what happens inbetween. That's how we tend to rate the quality of of our own living.

It's only when we truly believe that this existence is just a small piece of an eternal puzzle that we can really "get it" and maintain some sort of emotional earthly equilibrium. This life is really just the beginning. Your life, like mine, is a finely detailed plan in its infancy. So to everyone, geniuses included, choose to look around and redefine your life and your attitude by the amazing piece of creation and the wonderful beings that we get to enjoy...for now...choosing to be anything other than happy is just not worth the waste of precious time.