Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today at lunch...

Today at lunch a waiter accidentally spilled a diet coke all over me. And I mean ALL over me. I was soaked. Actually, I think the whole thing happened in slow motion, which probably allowed more time for more diet coke to reach me and soak me even more.

Fortunately, I kept it together and dried off a bit. The poor waiter was mortified and struggled through waiting on us for the rest of our meal. Like any decent person would, I told him that accidents happen and not to worry about it.

The manager of the restaurant came over several times to make sure that I was not too disgruntled. I left with no bill and a $15 gift card. He also offered to reimburse me for dry cleaning. I told him that my shirt was from Target and I thought it would do just fine in my washer, but thanked him just the same.

First of all, that was excellent customer service. If you ever eat at PF Chang's at Southpoint in Durham, NC, you should ask for Jason and tell him the girl who had diet coke spilled all over her on August 18, 2011 sent you. Tell him you read about him in my blog. I think that would be a really nice touch.

Secondly, I learned something today. If you love your job, you will go to a staff meeting directly after lunch covered in diet coke and totally be ok with it. I, as it seems, love my job.

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